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Title: What if Harry Potter had turned out to be a squib? aka "he will have a power the dark lord k
Author: [ profile] dirgewithoutmusic 
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: AU
Length: Short

Author's Summary:
Anonymous asked: What if Harry Potter, the chosen one, had turned out to be a squib, how do you think history would have turned out differently?

Okay, this prompt could have been answered in all kinds of ways, including some real downers, but this fic is beautiful and though if may have started as a simple tumblr fic, it is fantastically fleshed out with secondary characters and relationships, with backstory and plot and though it is still short, it's just such a perfect answer to the prompt.

What if Harry Potter had turned out to be a squib? (on tumblr), (on AO3)
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