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Title: The Sweetest Mockery
Author: [ profile] PresidentHades
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: AU
Pairing: Maysileee/Haymitch, Ember/Cato, Finch/Marvel, Rain/Crane
Length: Long (85,475 words & counting)

Author's Summary:
Ember Abernathy, daughter of two Victors, volunteers for the 74th Games to ensure her brother survives. Instead of certain death in the arena, she ends up leading 23 tributes to District 13 after her Gamemaker sister sabotages the Games. But the tributes are abandoned as rebellion erupts, so Ember and Cato alone lead the journey into the wild amidst new friendships and romances.

I absolutely adore this fic, quite possibly even more than canon.  It's an active WIP and I check impatiently several times a week, every week for updates.  I love the backstory - that Haymitch and Maysilee used the star-crossed lovers thing in their quell and came out dual victors and then were ordered by Snow to have children whenever he wanted something cute for the Capitol.  Haymitch, kept mostly sober by Maysilee, and the rest of the Abernathy family have ended up playing a big covert roll in the coming rebellion.  Then two of the Abernathy children end up in the 74th games and it's time to act.  The story is very well-written, tightly plotted, and creative, the OCs are well-done and the effect is a story that's a real page-turner.  I can't wait to see where it goes next.

The Sweetest Mockery (on AO3)