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Title: 'That is not how the Force works', a drabble
Author: [ profile] bonehandledknife
Fandom: Star Wars
Genre: meta-fic
Length: drabble

Author's Summary:
WHY CAN’T YOUR STORMTROOPERS HIT THE BROADSIDE OF A DEATHST–” Hux suddenly skids to a stop. “She’s here.”
“I don’t know what she has, the scientists can’t figure it out but when she’s around,” Hux staggers, panting, “at this point, no one can aim straight if she’s even on the same planet, let alone the same room and–”

I love fics that make sense of canon in ways you never knew you were missing. This drabble may be short, but it's definitely good for that. Also, Leia is awesome.

'That is not how the Force works', a drabble (on tumblr)
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