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Title: Last Sektober
Author: [ profile] femvimes
Fandom: Discworld
Genre: Watch-fic, Times-fic, (very good) OC character fic
Length: Medium (20,322 words and counting)

Author's Summary:
When clerk Sweetpea Hakim makes the impulsive decision to become the city watch's press liaison, she doesn't expect to wind up the avatar to a disgruntled god. Then again, this is Ankh-Morpork, where unfortunately anything is possible.

A new Must Read in Discworld fandom! The main character, a Klatchian clerk named Sweetpea Hakim who decides she really wants to become the Watch's public information officer, is fantastic!  Like all watch officers, she has to start on the beat, while also figuring out what exactly a Public Information Officer does and doing it.  Do NOT miss this!

Last Sektober (on AO3)
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