Apr. 23rd, 2016

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Title: Last Sektober
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] femvimes
Fandom: Discworld
Genre: Watch-fic, Times-fic, (very good) OC character fic
Length: Medium (20,322 words and counting)

Author's Summary:
When clerk Sweetpea Hakim makes the impulsive decision to become the city watch's press liaison, she doesn't expect to wind up the avatar to a disgruntled god. Then again, this is Ankh-Morpork, where unfortunately anything is possible.

A new Must Read in Discworld fandom! The main character, a Klatchian clerk named Sweetpea Hakim who decides she really wants to become the Watch's public information officer, is fantastic!  Like all watch officers, she has to start on the beat, while also figuring out what exactly a Public Information Officer does and doing it.  Do NOT miss this!

Last Sektober (on AO3)
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Title: Trichromatic
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Scarlet_Gryphon
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Redo fix-it, Independent!Harry, world-building
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Neville, James/Lily/Sirius, Remus/Severus
Length: Very Long (95,760 words and counting)

Author's Summary:
The loss of magic had started, as do many things like it, with good intentions. The past century, it was reasoned, had been overshadowed by two of the worst Dark Lords in history. What better way, then, to make sure it never happened again than to stop it before it started? After all it was a well-known fact that those with an affinity for Dark Magic were born with it, so why not tackle the problem at the source? The Department of Mysteries were set on the problem, and two years after the final death of the Dark Lord Voldemort, they released their solution into the world.  It worked for all of two months before the magical disease began to mutate beyond their wildest nightmares.

This fic is shaping up to be the newest of the Potterverse independent!Harry and world-building epics. I had a bit of a nostalgia trip finding this fic - it took me back to the kind of fic that was proliferating in the years between Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, when I joined fandom. Harry Potter fandom may not be hopping like it was then, but this fic is well worth a look, even if you, like me, don't regularly read Potter fandom anymore.

Trichromatic (on AO3)
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Title: Strange Things Did Happen Here
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] tulipwriter
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: ghost story, paranormal romance
Pairing: Katniss/Peeta
Length: Short (4,093 words and counting)
Trigger warning: talk of suicide

Author's Summary:
"You're dead, Katniss. You've been dead for over one hundred years."
Years after the Great Rebellion, Peeta Mellark buys a newly renovated home in the neighborhood of Victor's Village, seeking a fresh start in life. He's instantly attracted to the girl next door, Katniss, but there's something not quite right about her... Paranormal Everlark

Woah! I love the concept and what's there so far is really well written. I can't wait to see where this goes next! I love how this story unfolds, with all these little hints that some things are different but some things are familiar, that some things Peeta 'knows' are probably wrong, that the world is different and the story is bound to be creative - I have high hopes for this fic and strongly recommend it. (may up the score as more is added)

Strange Things Did Happen Here (on AO3)


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