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Welcome to my journal/rec list!  I post recs as often as time permits and sometimes I share other things that I come across too.  If you found a great fic from a rec here, I'd love to hear about it.  I'd also love to know if you've read anything you think I'd like from any of the fandoms that I have tags for in this journal.

I'd especially like to know of any podfics for fics rec'd here so I can add those to the rec posts!

Also, I have lost some fics I'd love to find again.  I'd really appreciate your help finding these:
[1] Specific short fic in Supernatural fandom (probably Sam/Gabriel) details behind the link.
[2] Does anyone have an archived copy of "The Fire before Winter" by Kryptaria?  I pulled up my old post about it to rec it on fancake and the AO3 version is gone and a google search failed to turn up any others.
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