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Title: Sentiment
Author: [ profile] SaraHerbertWatson
Fandom: Hunger Games, Sherlock BBC
Genre: Fusion
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: Very Long (75,279 words & counting)

Author's Summary:
Eight years after Mycroft Holmes wins the Hunger Games and becomes the first victor of District Twelve, childhood friends John Watson and Sherlock Holmes' lives are about to be changed forever, again: John Watson gets Reaped into the 74th Hunger Games. But John doesn't know how Sherlock feels - Sherlock doesn't want John to die without knowing he's loved - so, better late than never. Faced up against Careers Irene Adler, Sebastian Moran, and Jim Moriarty, John has to fight to survive to get back to Sherlock - but can he? Does he even want to?

I didn't think it was possible to write a fusion where the main characters were so very in-character as this - Sherlock, John, Mycroft, even Lestrade and Mary, and Moriarity is exactly as creepy (I don't think they did Irene or Molly justice, but they're only minor characters in this fic so it may just be an issue of screen time). The plot is very good too. Warnings for an instance of violent homophobia and for the sociopathy of this career pack. I'm also particularly eager to see if the revolution will come into the story soon.

Sentiment (on AO3)
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Title: Air Magic
Author: [ profile] Flamebyrd
Fandom: Leverage (characters), Emelan (fusion, universe but no characters)
Genre: Fusion
Length: Short (2,687 words)

Author's Summary:
Parker moves into Discipline.

I have a special love for Emelan fusions and or Parker, Hardison and Eliot so I jumped on this fic as soon as it was posted. Some really good choices were made to translate the characters into the Emelan world - their magics in particular. The characterization of all the characters is spot on too.

Air Magic (on AO3)
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Title: The Game Changer Job
Author: [ profile] Sylam
Fandom: Leverage, Hunger Games
Genre: Crossover, Fix-it
Length: Short (17,568 words) - Abandoned :( :( :(

Author's Summary:
The Leverage team has found their new mark: Panem. In order to take down this monstrous country where teenagers are forced to slaughter each other in the arena, Nate has an idea: Let's go steal the Hunger Games!

I was really getting into this fic and then, wham! No more fic for you! :( The Leverage team is well-written and I was really looking forward to seeing how the team was going to outwit the advanced tech of Panem's totalitarian government.

The Game Changer Job (on
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Title: Need To Know
Author: [ profile] ellen_fremedon
Fandom: Torchwood, Star Trek
Genre: Crossover, PWP
Pairing: Jack/Naraht
Length: Medium (10,523 words)

Author's Summary:
Jack loves working the Federation timezone. You meet the most interesting people.

Found this rec'd on fancake as the best truly-omnisexual!Jack fic and decided I had to read it.  It is that, and also a fantastic sci fi. I usually avoid food kink as a personal squick but I didn't pay attention to what I was getting into and then this appeared and I had to keep reading:

"I'm not asking you to spawn," Jack said. "I'm asking if you'd like to have dinner with me." He leaned down and spoke low. "I want to watch you enjoy something else as much as you enjoyed that hull plating," he said, "and I want to know you're letting me." Just the thought was making his heart pound, and he was pretty sure Naraht could tell. Anyone watching should have been able to tell, should have seen in his face what a wonderfully, filthily carnal proposition he'd just made to this sweet young thing, and yet people were walking past as though their conversation couldn't be anything but professional. "That's what I want," Jack said. "But only if you want it, too."

I so rarely read straight PWP (I'm gray-ace so not really my thing) but that part actually really speaks to me (in some ways better than things written by other aces) and I almost never see that kind of thing represented so I had to come and share it here, and the story is so well written and wonderfully science fictiony, even the food part, that I didn't even mind the food kink.

Need To Know (on AO3)
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Title: Eudaimonia
Author: [ profile] Poetry
Fandom: Rivers of London/HDM fusion
Genre: daemon AU
Length: Short (5,191+ words)

Author's Summary:
In the world of His Dark Materials, losing your dæmon is a much scarier prospect than losing your face. Or, vignettes from a world where Peter and Nightingale call their enemy the Dæmonless Man.

I didn't know I wanted a daemon AU for Rivers of London, but this was really nice. I love how Peter has a whole spiel about his daemon's species - it's very Peter.

Eudaimonia (on AO3)
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Title: Homecoming Frost
Author: [ profile] Emirael
Fandom: Emelan, Frozen (Disney)
Genre: Fusion (Frozen characters in the Emelan universe)
Pairing: Elsa(& or /)Crown Princess of Namorn
Length: Medium (50,441 words)
rec'd on fancake

Author's Summary:
After the discovery of her ambient magic, Elsa was sent away from Namorn to study, leaving Anna alone in the wake of their parents' deaths. Years passed and, with Elsa's return imminent, Anna will have to navigate a delicate political landscape with a sister she barely knows to facilitate Elsa's arrival to Berenene's imperial court. Expectations are whirling and rumors already fly. The last time an ambient mage-heiress arrived from Winding Circle, she didn't exactly set a good precedent.

If you liked Will of the Empress, this is a must read!  I really liked it and it was nice to see some development of the unresolved cultural/political problems in Namorn at the end of Will of the Empress.  (Knowledge of the Frozen universe is not necessary.)

Homecoming Frost (on AO3)
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Title: The First Fold Of A New Paper
Author: [ profile] gala_apples
Fandom: Teen Wolf, Emelan
Genre: Crossover
Pairing: Boyd/Erica/Isaac, Stiles/Derek
Length: Short (2,954 words)

Author's Summary:
It’s been ten years since the last person in Emelan was murdered by unmagic. Ten years, and there’s his dad, smeared with it. Isaac can’t say it killed him, the broken neck seems more to blame, but the unmagic is a twist the Provost Guard might find difficult. It figures that even in death his father is impossible.

Just a short scene fitting the Teen Wolf characters into the Emelan universe. Isaac-centric. It's nothing complicated, but I liked the care and detail making the fusion work, and I liked that it briefly touched on class issues and privilege.

The First Fold of a New Paper (on AO3)
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Title: Wake Me Up
Author: [ profile] SaydriaWolfe
Fandom: Teen Wolf, Stargate, Sentinel Fusion, Massive MultiCrossover (not important to know all the crosses)
Genre: Sentinel/Guide fusion, Mystery, Shipfic
Pairing: main: Stiles/Derek, secondary: Blair/Jim, Peter/Chris, minor: lots and lots and lots of pairings
Length: Long (57,187 words)

Author's Summary:
When the Hale House fire rocks the Sentinel/Guide Community on a global scale will the world recover in time to face their next big threat?

This is definitely one of the better Sentinel fusions. There's a lot of confusing differences from Teen Wolf canon - just roll with them and you'll figure things out better as the story develops. I generally don't like Massive MultiCrossovers because they're so confusing and always fail to develop the crossed characters enough and this story is no exception and I'm not saying it doesn't make sense in context here, but I wish writers would accept that the more fandoms you shove in there, the more likely it is readers who like your story will be unfamiliar with one or more fandom and therefore need some background within the story.  But aside from that, This fic has a great plot - drawn from Stargate - and it's also a good character fic, especially for Stiles and Derek.  This is a really good story and Sentinel fandom could use more like it.

Wake Me Up (on AO3)
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Title: Tik Tok
Author: [ profile] binz and [ profile] shiplizard
Fandom: Rivers of London, Forever
Genre: Crossover, Friendship, Time Travel
Length: Medium (9,519 words)
rec'd on fancake

Author's Summary:
Well, tonight he either saved Henry from being spied on by UNIT or he got a British visitor drunk and gave him a really fun club crawl to cheer him up. Either way, victory. Good job, team.

Excellent crossover, great geeky Peter&Lucas friendship fic, touching Henry&Lucas character fic --- all around a really good fic. This brings together two tiny fandoms - you only need to know one or the other to love this fic... knowing both makes it twice as good.

Tik Tok (on AO3)
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Title: Love Worth Waiting For
Author: [ profile] BooklandReeve
Fandom: Disney (Frozen and Mulan crossover, plus assorted Disney cameos)
Genre: Romance, Soulmates, Soulmarks
Pairing: Mulan/Elsa
Length: Medium (15k+ words)

Author's Summary:
Every child is born with the name of their true love in the palm of their hand, but the marks on the palm of Elsa's hand are broken and meaningless, and it must be kept secret.

OMG, I love this. I work at an elementary school so I'm totally sick of Frozen and want to cry every time someone starts Let it Go, but Mulan is my favorite Disney princess so I wasn't going to pass this one up and, luckily, this fic is gorgeous.  As far as Soulmarks go, I usually prefer the first words variation, but I really like the way the language barrier works in this fic, especially with Elsa's canon character arc.  Also, f/f Disney princesses :)  Also, cross-cultural romance :)  And the characterizations are fantastic!  This is still a WIP and I might up the score on this one depending on how the author finishes it up.

Love Worth Waiting For (on AO3)
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Title: Damned Demented Demons
Author: [ profile] hells_half_acre 
Fandom: Harry Potter, Supernatural
Genre: Crossover, Casefic
Length: Long (103,249 words)

Author's Summary:
Harry saves the Winchesters from a Dementor attack, but the Winchesters aren't the only ones that need saving.

Crossover casefic that does justice to both worlds and both sets of characters.  Grown-up Harry leads a team of aurors against a ton of dementors and crosses paths with the Winchesters who, given their history, are unsurprisingly ill-equipped to handle the dementors themselves. It's nothing I've seen done before and I really liked the dynamic of the very competent Harry and the Winchesters receiving some help for once.

Damned Demented Demons (on AO3)
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Title: Northern Lights
Author: [ profile] silver_sun
Fandom: Rivers of London, Shetland (no knowledge of Shetland, a British police procedural TV show, is required to read this fic)
Genre: Casefic, Crossover
Pairing: hints at future Peter/Nightingale
Length: Medium (48,026 words)

Author's Summary:
The theft of three Pictish stone carvings from a museum in London lead Peter and Nightingale to Shetland. The reason for the theft is clear: The stones are ancient storage devices for magical energy. Who took them and why is a lot less so. That Shetland has its own mythology and magics which are far closer to that of Scandinavia than London doesn't help matters.
Between the lack of information, the cold and wet January weather and Nightingale's cold, Peter can't help but wish they were back in London.

Crossover with Shetland. No knowledge of Shetland, which is a police drama set in Shetland, is needed. The story is from Peter's POV, and any information about the three detectives, DCI Jimmy Perez, DS Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh and DC Sandy Wilson, who make up the core cast of Shetland will be found out where needed as Peter does.

Set post Broken Homes for Rivers of London and after series one of Shetland.

I really enjoyed this fic. The case was interesting and perfectly suited to the canon universe. The way the investigation progressed was believable and well-paced. While I like Thomas/Peter shipping well enough, I still prefer genfic so that may be why I found that aspect of the story to be out-of-character - otherwise, the characterizations were pretty good. I do think this fic badly needed to be proofread (badly enough that I stopped reading it on my ereader after the first chapter and opened it up in my laptop in calibre's editor and fixed my epub as I read -- if you're a serious grammar nazi, message me and I can send you a copy because I really don't want people to avoid reading this fic because it wasn't beta read). It also suffered from the same flaw as Midnight Riot where it tells what was just said in description rather than just giving the dialogue. This makes for a lot of long paragraphs and, at times, a slow pace to what could have been a page turner.

Northern Lights (on AO3)
My cover art for this fic
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Title: The Ghost Job
Author: seraphina_snape
Fandom: Leverage, Supernatural
Genre: Crossover, Casefic
Length: Medium (10,632 words)

Author's Summary:
The Leverage crew takes on the case of Mindy who's trying to prove that her husband wants to kill her for her money. But when Cliff - the husband - is found dead, things start to go wrong. The Feds show up to question Mindy, but the two guys' badges are about as real as Hardison's FBI badge - something that Eliot realizes pretty much right away. With a mysterious death and two fake FBI agents in the mix, the case takes off in a direction that Parker, Eliot and Hardison could never have guessed.

Straight up casefic as far as Leverage is concerned until the bad guy turns up dead and their surveillance caught nothing. The Leverage team and the Winchesters team up to solve a haunting/murder. It's written in Supernatural style but mostly from the POV of the Leverage characters. I missed the Leverage style humor and characterization work, but understand how that might not have worked in a Supernatural casefic. Otherwise, it's a good mystery story.

The Ghost Job (on AO3)
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Title: Heaven and Earth
Author: blackkat
Fandom: HDM - daemon fic, Doctor Who/Torchwood
Genre: daemon fic
Length: Short (13,191 words)

Author's Summary:

While still in the junior researcher position at Torchwood One, Ianto Jones and his unusual dæmon catch the attention of Torchwood Three's Captain Jack Harkness, and everything rearranges itself from there

It's so easy to do daemon fics wrong (as a "which daemon would these characters have" and nothing more), but if you bear with this story for a couple of paragraphs, it suddenly grows on you and really takes on its own life. It's still a character-driven fic, but it works as a short story rather than a drawn out meme. It's worth the read, especially for fans of daemon fic.

Heaven and Earth (on AO3)
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Title: Art for “Eat It, Twilight”
Author: lightthesparks
Fandom: Criminal Minds, Supernatural
Genre: Art, Crossover, Casefic

Very nice digital art for a fic previously rec'd here: Eat It, Twilight. I especially love the Poster - it's high quality photomanipulation and makes a great cover too.

Art for “Eat It, Twilight” (on LJ)
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Title: The Fourth Deathly Hallow
Author: gingertart
Fandom: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes ACD
Genre: Crossover, Action/Adventure, Mystery/Casefic
Length: Medium (~57k words)

Author's Summary:

From the private journal of John. H. Watson MD; not intended for publication. Being an account of the strange case of the Fourth Deathly Hallow; in which Dr John H. Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes save a life, discover the true secret of Professor Moriarty, unravel a time loop or two, encounter a femme fatale, imbibe potions, break into and out of a wizarding mansion, hide in a male brothel, go shopping, track down a magical artefact, almost attend a ritual sacrifice, fail to be Obliviated and totally ignore the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692, all in the company of a lank-haired, irascible but secretly besotted schoolmaster, a bemused aristocrat and an increasingly perceptive and enamoured young hero.


A little slow to start but picks up pace to be pretty exciting once it gets going. Stars Harry, Draco, and Snape in the world of ACD's Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, except that there are wizards there too and they're having a troubles that might just make Harry long for his own war.

The Fourth Deathly Hallow (on hp fandom)
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Title: Cover: Skeletons
Author: [ profile] January_Marlinquin
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Genre: Cover art, fusion

I've yet to read the fic this story illustrates but I added it to my reading list because of this cover art. There's some great design choices here and clearly the artist has strong technique and can manage lots of layers. The colors are vibrant and I love this artist's use of fandom icons - the little Sherlock head with the fandom text - that's very nicely done and helps show what to expect from the story. I love the use of the white moonlight to draw the eye from the moon at the top to the title and author to the grass at the bottom. I also LOVE the font - I wonder if it was hand drawn or downloaded from somewhere? The lighting between the layers of tree branches is done well too. My only slight criticism would be that its very busy and some great details like the bats and the jack-o-lattern get lost to the tree branches. Otherwise, I love it.

Cover: Skeletons (on AO3) (on tumblr)
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Title: Sum of Its Parts series
Author: [ profile] KouriArashi
Fandom: Teen Wolf, (and 1 Veronica Mars crossover, but just the very basic knowledge of Veronica Mars is enough to still enjoy that story)
Genre: AU (Human!Pack-Alpha!Stiles)
Pairing: Scott/Allison, Stiles/Derek (Ace relationship), Stiles/Erica (friends with benefits),
Length: Seriously Epic!!! (790,639 words & counting)
Warnings: Gay-bashing, Extreme Violence, Psychological Trauma, Abuse (canon Isaac) and Bullying (teens vs teens, and adult vs. teen)

Author's Summary:
Stiles deals with the aftermath of being abducted by Peter Hale and left for dead. It's harder than he would have thought to accept his place in the pack when he's convinced that he's the 'weak one' and can't protect himself. Fortunately, Scott and Sheriff Stilinski are there to help, and to nag Derek until he helps, too.

Okay, so I know I rec'd this series more than a year ago, but a lot more has been added to it since then, including a fantastic Veronica Mars crossover so I think it bears rec'ing again. I've only just finished that crossover and hopped on to rec it.  KouriArashi has made my list of reliably amazing authors so I trust the rest of her work to be well worth reading already. Do be aware what you're getting yourself into though... this series is a (somewhat sprawling) epic and its very hard to put down. Do not start reading when you should be sleeping, working, or otherwise engaged... or when you anticipate needing to do any of those things within the hour.

But about the story itself, and the crossover specifically... I love the characterizations. Stiles can be a little overbearing sometimes, and Derek more submissive in proportion, which can be a bad thing to some (and usually me as well) but I think that's part of what sold me on Stiles as a Human!Pack-Alpha. The Veronica Mars characters are --- from what I can remember, at least --- well characterized too.  It assumes basic knowledge of season 1 and then rewrites season 2 with some but not all of the canon plot points (no knowledge of season 2 needed).  Another thing I like in this fic is the immense care and respect taken with mental health issues. In fiction, you often find that characters are put through horrible things and then expected to just get on with hero-ing when most people would be curled up in a corner sobbing. This fic takes just as much care with the healing as it does with the adventures and gets some really exciting plots and a lot of great character development out of it too.

Sum of Its Parts series (on AO3)
Now with gorgeous podfics (on AO3 and audiofic archive) by [ profile] opalsong 
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Title:  Necessary Faith & Burden of Proof
Author:  [ profile] Alecto 
Fandom:  Sherlock, Supernatural
Genre:  Crossover/fusion, Romance, Paranormal
Pairing:  John/Sherlock, John&Mary, John/Victor, Sherlock/Victor, Lestrade/Molly
Length: Very Long (148,920 words)

Author's Summary:
A post-Reichenbach story universe where John became a hunter during Sherlock's time away- while partnered with Mary Morstan, his mentor and a woman born into a long line of hunters. Things get a bit tricky when Sherlock finally returns two and a half years later. How in the world is John supposed to explain all this?

Minor crossover with the Supernatural (TV series) universe. Only brief cameos by the characters of Supernatural.

This fic is, of course, Jossed by series 3 of Sherlock, but read it anyways :)  This fic could have gone so wrong (personally, I think a lot of Superlock, SuperWhoLock... etc usually does), but instead it's wonderful.  It works in a way that doesn't bend either fandom too far out of shape, presents great cases, and builds a central romance character arc that's fairly decently done (I'm so not a romance fan - I could have had more of the cases and less of the shipping drama but that's just me).  It's also a fantastic crossover or fusion where the Sherlock world has hidden hunters like the Supernatural series and throws in this added dimension of John becoming a part of that world while Sherlock is gone and then feeling like he has to keep it from him when he returns (that part makes more sense if you're coming to this fic from Supernatural fandom than Sherlock fandom - in SPN, there's enormous taboos and very real fears about reading anyone in on the realities of the supernatural.  If you're just coming at it from Sherlock, you may be grumbling at John to just tell him already, and wondering why Sherlock hasn't just eliminated everything else and deduced what's left (however impossible) already).  The characterization of Sherlock is also great - it gets the ''sociopathic!Sherlock who is genuinely in love with John'' right and that's really rare in and of itself. 

Necessary Faith & Burden of Proof (on AO3)

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Title:  A Study in Magic
Author:  [ profile] Books_of_Change 
Fandom:  Harry Potter, Sherlock BBC
Genre:  Crossover, AU - someone else adopts Harry
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: Epic (516,000 words)

Author's Summary:
When Professor McGonagall went to visit Harry Watson, son of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, to deliver his Hogwarts letter, she was in the mindset of performing a familiar if stressful annual routine. Consequently she was unprepared for the shock of finding the cause behind Harry Potter's disappearance. BBC Sherlock HP crossover AU

This is an absolutely epic fic, both in length and in scale and it's really a must read for anyone who belongs to both these fandoms.  That said, I did feel it lagged in places - its certainly no page turner.  Still, I loved how solid a story it is - it's written without room for doubt so even a couple of objectively crazy things are made to seem totally plausible so major kudos to the author for that.  This is also one of those crossover-done-right fics.  It's easy to have Harry adopted by a crossover character, but making it work as a story all its own is special and this fic does that.

A Study in Magic (on


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