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Title:  Thursday Lunch Cafe
Author:  [ profile] clavicular 
Fandom:  Big Bang Theory, Leverage
Genre:  Friendship
Length: Short (1,602 words)

Author's Summary: The table was turned 45˚ too far clockwise, hardly the optimum angle for maximising space. There was really no reason for Sheldon to be crushed into the corner. And yet. Thanks to the incompetent café staff, here he was. "Alright, what do you want?" Sheldon gaped at the woman. "You're not my waitress!" "I guess your usual waitress took the day off," she said, tapping a pen against her notepad.

Parker and Sheldon meet, hit it off in their very unique ways, and decide to be (platonic) something-better-than-friends.  It's amazing :D

Thursday Lunch Cafe (on AO3)
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Title: At the Fork in the Road
r: [ profile] weasleytook 
Big Bang Theory
Genre: Alternate Realities
Penny/Sheldon, Penny/OMC
Length: Medium (Words: 16,728)

An average Wednesday. A caramel macchiato. A pair of broken glasses. All of those tiny moments add up, and sometimes they cause Penny to accidentally invent inter-dimensional travel and take Sheldon with her. Those little moments can change the entire course of one's life, places both new and old, moments both good and bad. Will what they see change them forever? If they even get back at all.

Cool story about alternate realities, manages to catch some Original Flavour from the show, good character voices, interesting AUs.

At the Fork in the Road (on AO3)

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Title:  The Parallel Worlds Proof
Author: [ profile] amtrak12 
Fandom:  Big Band Theory, Doctor Who
Genre:  Crossover, Case!fic, meta
Pairings: mentions of canon relationships
Length: Medium (Words: 14,001)
Admin Note: rec'd on fancake

Author's Summary:
A familiar blue box lands in Leonard and Sheldon's living room. Why is it there? Are the Doctor and Donna now trapped forever in the wrong universe?

OMG, so good!  I can't decide if this fic is more of less crack-y than Doctor Who canon, but it's awesome.  The crossover character interactions are really cool with everyone in character but still playing off each other seamlessly and there is an actual case (Doctor Who-style) which is totally awesome.  It's also a little bit meta because Doctor Who is a show in the Big Bang Theory universe and of course the cast are major fans, but also because the Big Bang Theory cast featured in the Doctor's history lessons so he's sort of a fan too and has a couple of things to say about them as well.  And... it's well written.  So all around a great fic.

The Parallel Worlds Proof (on


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