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Title: We Built This City
Author: [ profile] helarctos 
Genre: General, AU
Length: Short (Words: 7,171)

Author's Summary:
Tamara is no one's sidekick.

Note:  This fic requires knowledge of canon which I consider unfortunate since this is such a small fandom.  How much knowledge?  Meh.  I wouldn't consider myself really a Caprica fan (meaning I've only seen it once and don't have a burning desire to re-watch) - I do love the feel of the story'verse though - and I could follow fine. 

This fic really takes on the best qualities of the Caprica 'verse - that it is very dark but at the same time, it's beautiful and exquisitely detailed and this is a story'verse that throughly dwarfs its characters, even those characters who are driven to do big heroic/villainous things.   I like that in this fic, you really get the sense of Tamara's not-quite-but-kind-of-actually-helplessness about a lot of things while she's also such a strong character with a drive to make things happen.  Plus, this fic takes place inside the canon virtual reality, which is very cool in itself.

We Built This City (on AO3)
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Title:  No Me Without You
Author: [ profile] lint138 
Fandom: Caprica
Pairings: Lacy & Zoe
Genre: Friendship
Length:  Short

Author's Summary:
It's a scary feeling, realizing she's so dependent on their friendship, that she doesn't know to exist on her own.

This is a good friendship fic in its own right, even if you have minimal knowledge of Caprica.  It's about the relationship between Lacy and Zoe from Lacy's point of view and it's complicated but nice too.  Knowing about Caprica means you know how its going to end, but the girls are pretty cool characters and the storyverse is depicted in the style of canon - where you feel like you're just getting tantalizing glimpses of a big, complicated, fantastic universe.

No Me Without You (on lj)


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