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Title: A Clockwork Chocolate Orange
Author: [ profile] executrix
Fandom: Continuum (TV)
Genre: Time Travel (canon), Christmas, Friendships/Family/Relationships
Pairing: past Kiera/Kellog
Length: Short (3,917 words)

Author's Summary:
Kiera is not looking forward to a great Christmas, but it all works the end.

A christmas fic that manages to inject some light into a very dark series without going so far that it isn't still very much Continuum.

A Clockwork Chocolate Orange (on AO3)
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Title: A Thousand Paper Cranes
Author: [ profile] Whitefox
Fandom: Continuum
Pairings: Alec Sadler/Kiera Cameron
Genre: Character Studies
Length: Medium (19,032 words)

Author's Summary:
Kiera and Alec bond over ancient cinematography, casual wear, and origami. Life goes on, even when you think it shouldn't.

An Alec/Kiera fic but mostly a fic about their friendship based as it is on the secrets they share.

A Thousand Paper Cranes (on AO3)
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Title: Over Time
r: [ profile] Signe  aka oxoniensis
Fandom: Continuum (TV)
Genre: Sci Fi, time travel (canon), character piece
Length: Short (Words: 6,011)

Clocks stop, time goes on.

This fic has a great sci fi feel with all the little details about life in the future and its differences with the past, even in so short a fic.  It's also a good character piece of Kiera, and of Kellog too.  Could use more young!Alec (but I'd say that about most fics).

Over Time (on AO3)


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