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Title:  Fidelity
Author:  Lake aka [ profile] beyond_belief 
Fandom: Generation Kill
Pairings: Brad Colbert/Nate Fick
Genre: Romance
Length:  Medium (Words: ~25k)

Author's Summary:
1. "That," he says, "is how you know it was close." - Sebastian Junger, War
2. What happens after.
3. The first time it happens, Brad's under a Humvee in Iraq. (Brad-POV prequel to "Apres Moi...")

I have to start out by saying the sum total of everything I know about Generation Kill is that it's a TV show about US Marines.  You do not need to know the series to love this fic.  It's just a great relationship fic.  I actually found this fic when I was working on the TV Tropes entries for a couple of Soul Bond tropes and went Tag searching on AO3 to beef up the examples lists.  The soul bond in this fic involves some magical connection and seems mostly to allow empathy, it just happens to these two guys for no known reason and seems to be a largely unknown phenomenon in the fic's storyverse, but it brings these two comrades together into a relationship that they don't really want to quantify but nevertheless can't do without.  This fic is so well written.  I think it's easily one of the best soul bond fics out there and its even better that the fic works without relying on knowledge of canon.

Fidelity (on AO3)