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Title: Fairy Play
Author: [ profile] manic_intent
Fandom: Gotham
Genre: Romance, Casefic
Pairing: Alfred Pennyworth/Jim Gordon
Length: Medium (30,946 words)

Author's Summary:
Alfred was clearing up Bruce’s supper - milk partly drunk, sandwich untouched - when the house phone rang. Given the lateness of the hour, and the number of people who actually had access to the house number, the identity of the caller was perhaps obvious, and it wasn’t lost on his ward.

Bruce’s eyebrows lifted. “It’s a little late for Detective Gordon to be calling.”

Four episodes in and already this new fandom has some lovely fic. This is a very nice ship fic for what will probably be the main pairing in this fandom. I like that in addition to the romance plot, there's also a twisted case and both men mentoring Bruce and Cat. I just wish it wasn't so short (and/or that there were more fics with this pairing available, but I guess I'll just have to be patient for those).

Fair Play (on AO3)


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