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Title: Inktober favorites
Author: [ profile] careydraws
Fandom: multifandom
Genre: fanart - b/w sketches

Author's Summary:
sketches of 31 of the artist's favorite female fantasy lit characters

Gorgeous character art that all female fantasy fans should see - might give you some ides for the next book to read too!

Inktober favorites (on tumblr)
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Title: Eudaimonia
Author: [ profile] Poetry
Fandom: Rivers of London/HDM fusion
Genre: daemon AU
Length: Short (5,191+ words)

Author's Summary:
In the world of His Dark Materials, losing your dæmon is a much scarier prospect than losing your face. Or, vignettes from a world where Peter and Nightingale call their enemy the Dæmonless Man.

I didn't know I wanted a daemon AU for Rivers of London, but this was really nice. I love how Peter has a whole spiel about his daemon's species - it's very Peter.

Eudaimonia (on AO3)
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Title: give your heart to a wild thing
Author: [ profile] kenopsia
Fandom: Sherlock BBC, His Dark Materials
Genre: daemon AU, kidfic (Sherlock and Mycroft as kids - pre-canon)
Pairing: Sherlock/Victor Trevor
Length: Medium (31,720 words)

Author's Summary:
Mycroft is just hoping he doesn't have to kill Sherlock's daemon in her sleep to help Sherlock live to see adulthood. It might as well be his prime directive, because nobody else seems capable of doing it.
A His Dark Materials fusion that follows the Holmes brothers from childhood.

This isn't your typical daemon AU - it's just as much a fic about Sherlock and Mycroft growing up and it does that really well. It does some interesting things with daemons too as it looks at mental and personality disorders in world with daemons - Sherlock's daemon hates him and, despite taboo, Sherlock is very close to Mycroft's daemon.  The fic as a whole has good characterizations and the friendship/sibling relationship between the brothers is lovely.  This one isn't finished and I hope the author will continue.

cover art:

give your heart to a wild thing (on AO3)
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Title: Heaven and Earth
Author: blackkat
Fandom: HDM - daemon fic, Doctor Who/Torchwood
Genre: daemon fic
Length: Short (13,191 words)

Author's Summary:

While still in the junior researcher position at Torchwood One, Ianto Jones and his unusual dæmon catch the attention of Torchwood Three's Captain Jack Harkness, and everything rearranges itself from there

It's so easy to do daemon fics wrong (as a "which daemon would these characters have" and nothing more), but if you bear with this story for a couple of paragraphs, it suddenly grows on you and really takes on its own life. It's still a character-driven fic, but it works as a short story rather than a drawn out meme. It's worth the read, especially for fans of daemon fic.

Heaven and Earth (on AO3)
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Title: The Vast Profundity Obscure
Author: [ profile] mistyzeo
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (ACD), His Dark Materials
Genre: Daemon AU
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: Medium (20,613 Words)
Note: rec'd on fancake

Author's Summary:
More than a year after Sherlock Holmes' return from the dead, his cohabitation with the good Doctor has more or less returned to normal. With their daemons at their sides, Holmes and Watson are as keen a pair of crime solvers as they ever were. Deep in the winter of 1895, their limits as a team are tested when a young woman's daemon is stolen from her side and destroyed. It is not the first of such attacks, Watson learns, and he and Holmes immediately set out to find the culprit of the horrifying deed. They are led into a web of back alleys and gambling debt that leads ultimately to the heart of the government, all in the pursuit of the elusive element of Dust. But their investigation is not a secret one, and the duo's fame in the city of London brings them more trouble than expected and forces them to take some measures to protect one another that violate many a social taboo.

This fic isn't just a "what animal would these character's have for a daemon" fic - it's a casefic centered around the details of daemons from HDM. It's a great story, complete, and I think it strikes a great balance between the feel of the Victorian Holmes, the Urban Fantasy of HDM, and the tone of the contemporary BBC version that it should appeal to a large fanbase.

The Vast Profundity Obscure (on AO3)

Now with cover art:

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Title: Talitha Cumi
Author: Raven aka [ profile] singlecrow
Fandom: M*A*S*H, His Dark Materials
Genre: Daemon AU
Length: Short (Words: 6,289)
Note: rec'd on fancake

Author's Summary:
"Don't be afraid," Hawkeye says. "Don't be afraid. Trust the scientific method. They'll slug it out in peer review. I can't wait."
Of daemons, and enduring distance.

Dark emotional and thought-provoking fic that looks at PTSD and the emotional impact of war through a daemon AU of M*A*S*H.

Talitha Cumi (on AO3)
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Title: The Swan Princess
Author: [ profile] Mad_Maudlin
Fandom: Doctor Who
Genre: AU - Daemons
Pairings: Amy/Rory
Length: Short (Words: 8,141)

Author's Summary:
She just rolled her eyes at him. "He hasn't got a daemon, stupid. That's how you know he's an alien."

Since fancake is having a Daemon-AU week, I've been reading a lot of that and I decided to rec this one because while it is basically a good character-A-would-have-this-daemon fic (which isn't good enough on its own in my mind), it also has some nice elements of Amy&Rory character study/development.

The Swan Princess (on AO3)
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Title:  The Republic of Heaven
Author:  [ profile] Blind_Author 
Fandom: BBC Sherlock, His Dark Materials
Pairings: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Genre: Fantasy, AU, Romance
Length:  Very Long (Words: ~119k)

Author's Summary:
HDM AU.  Sherlock and Raniel puzzle over the prophecy as a mysterious bomber draws them into a deadly game.  Meanwhile, John and Amarisa take a hard look at their relationship with the intriguing man and his dæmon...

I love stories that mix a world similar to ours with the world of Golden Compass, mostly because I like daemons a lot but don't care for the religious plot of canon.  This story is especially nice because it works with BBC's Sherlock canon to bring in elements of the His Dark Materials world, making a creative AU, without rehashing every episodes of Sherlock.  It's well written except for tiny pacing problems once or twice when I felt like it dwelled too long on daemons when it needed to get on with plot for a little bit at that point.  I think this story is good for anyone who knows even a little about His Dark Materials (it's been years since I read Golden Compass and I was fine following), but you will need to have good knowledge of BBC's Sherlock to follow the storyline.

The Republic of Heaven (on AO3)


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