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Title: When my soul was in th Lost & Found
Author: [ profile] Petra 
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK), Ashes to Ashes
Genre: Time Travel, Characters, LGBT
Length: Short (2,016 Words)

Author's Summary:
If Alex were at home, looking and feeling like herself only by dint of seriously hard work, she's afraid she'd hate Annie for doing it all so easily.

Spoiler: the 70s and 80s in LoM/AtA aren't real - they're all sharing a coma-induced dream.  That said, what happens when a trans person is living it?  Well, for Alex (MTF in this story) her body matches her mind and it's finally uncomplicated.  The time travel/social history element and the addition of contact with the returned Sam Tyler make this an interesting, though short, fic.

When my soul was in the Lost & Found (on AO3)
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Title: the girl from tomorrow
r: [ profile] zauberer_sirin
Fandom: Doctor Who, Life on Mars
Martha Jones/Sam Tyler
Romance, Time Travel

Author's Summary:
Martha Jones gets stranded in 1972. So she starts a new life. After a year of residence in various small towns, she lands a job in Manchester. You can imagine the rest.

Sweet story about two awesome stranded time travelers finding each other.

the girl from tomorrow (on LJ)


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