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Title: The Sundering Kiss
Author: [ profile] trilliath
Fandom: Teen Wolf, almost kind of a Lost Girl fusion
Genre: Total AU - Stiles is a magical creature, gateway fic
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Length: Long (92,466 words)
Warning: contains rapes and other violence (Stiles is a rapist-killing vigilante)

Author's Summary:
Stiles is a young adult incubus who has made his way to New York City. After his first makeout session ended in death, he left Beacon Hills to try and understand what he was and protect the people he cared about. But being his father's son, in name if not by birth, he's never been able to accept the idea of killing innocent humans to feed himself. So in order to survive and keep his morals both, he travels across the country feeding on sexual predators.

Derek is a NYC werewolf cop, who dedicates his life to protecting and serving both the human and fae communities - protecting them from each other if necessary. When a string of succubus or incubus kills starts hitting his city, and Derek runs into Stiles at a crime scene, Derek wants to find a way to help this neophyte fae survive under the radar before someone else puts him down.
Too bad Stiles seems to run away whenever Derek gets near him.

Warnings: As a vigilante incubus, Stiles spends a lot of time around rapists and doing rapey things to them with his mojo. The warning is for this, not for rape between Stiles and Derek.

This fic isn't listed as a Lost Girl fusion (regrettably substituting male characters for what were fantastic female characters), but it clearly owes enough to that series that I'm listing it as one - no characters or situations from Lost Girl are included, but the worlds are very similar. Other than that, this is a pretty decent total AU Teen Wolf fic.  If you're only a Teen Wolf fan and haven't encountered Lost Girl yet, consider this a great gateway fic to the verse! Note the warnings before deciding to read!

The Sundering Kiss (on AO3)


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