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Title: Talitha Cumi
Author: Raven aka [ profile] singlecrow
Fandom: M*A*S*H, His Dark Materials
Genre: Daemon AU
Length: Short (Words: 6,289)
Note: rec'd on fancake

Author's Summary:
"Don't be afraid," Hawkeye says. "Don't be afraid. Trust the scientific method. They'll slug it out in peer review. I can't wait."
Of daemons, and enduring distance.

Dark emotional and thought-provoking fic that looks at PTSD and the emotional impact of war through a daemon AU of M*A*S*H.

Talitha Cumi (on AO3)
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Title:  What You Deserve
r: [ profile] sarcasticsra 
Fandom: Doctor Who, M*A*S*H
Genre: Character Study, Crossover
Very Short (Words: 1,030)

Author's Summary:
Canton gets a surprising letter from a distant relative.

This fic is kind of random, but its so heartwarming.  After Canton is forced out of his job, his family is less than supportive and he's understandably hurt and angry, then he gets a letter from his cousin Charles and it helps.  Charles' voice in the letter is very canon, but with perhaps an older and wiser tone than when he's stuck in a tent with Hawkeye and BJ winding him up.  Canton is very in character too, I think.  This is such a short fic, but I love it.
What You Deserve (on AO3)
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Title:  The Dawn Don't Rescue Me No More
[ profile] likethesun2 
Genre:  General
Length: Medium
Admin Note: rec'd on fancake

Author's Summary:
At home, before the war, his job had been to transform pain. Now he could only give it back.

This fic is very much in the "war is hell" vein that MASH took after the first couple of seasons.  After the episode where the 4077th takes a bus to the beach for a little R&R and they are nearly found by enemy troops, Hawkeye has realistic mental health issues and gets sent to Sidney Freedman who is in the middle of a moral crisis about his role in healing people so they can be sent back to the front.  They're difficult issues and the fic handles them well.  I particularly like the Sidney&Hawkeye friendship and Hawkeye's particular brand of humor when it comes through here. 

The Dawn Don't Rescue Me No More (on LJ) (on AO3) (on DW)
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Title: How It Happened
Author:  [ profile] aura218 
Fandom: M*A*S*H
Pairings: BJ/Hawkeye
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
Length:  Medium (Words: ~33k)

Author's Summary:
1. BJ returns home from the war to a home that isn't his suburban dream. He misses his old friend, but how to reconnect? Timeline: 1954/5 Part 1 of the Walking Between Worlds series.
2. Go back in time to the years right after the war, before B.J. and Hawkeye were Gentleman Doctors, when the boys were stepping out of their shells into all the world could offer. Part 2 of a 4 part arc.
3. After Hawkeye moves to San Francisco, love grows in the Yellow Monstrosity. An interlude in the How it Happened Arc (btwn "Walking Between Worlds" and "Big Bang Theory"). Part of the Gentleman Doctors series. Timeline: 1956
4. Hawkeye and BJ take their relationship to the next step. Disaster ensues. Gentleman Doctors. Timeline: March, 1956

I don't want to give too much of the character plot away, but this story is well-written, definitely one of the better slash fics in M*A*S*H fandom, and I especially like the descriptions and development of the settings, both in San Francisco and in Maine.  The characterizations are good, plus this fic also has a strong supporting cast to fill out the story.

How It Happened (on AO3)
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Title: Speak its Name
Author: [ profile] Macadamanaity 
Fandom: M*A*S*H
Pairings: BJ Hunnicutt/Hawkeye Pierce,BJ Hunnicutt/Sidney Freedman
Genre: Postwar, Angst
Length: Very Short (Words: 5,265)

Author's Summary:
"He was seated at the table and used no amplification for his voice, but BJ would know it anywhere, anytime, with any number of bombs dropping around them."

Sidney Freedman, psychiatrist, is spending the postwar years advocating for the removal of homosexuality from the DSM (de-medicalizing it, stopping it from being considered a disease you can be diagnosed and treated for).  That's the subject he's speaking about at a medical convention BJ attends and they get to talking.  This isn't a romance fic and the pairings aren't really important --- it's more about identity, activism, and life after war.  I really like the glimpse into this era in LGBT history that this fic gives and I like the characterizations and the ambiguity of their own identities. 

Some people might have a problem with so many of the characters being some shade of queer identity (Hawkeye and BJ are represented as bi, Sidney and his son are identified as gay, and Klinger is still crossdressing but straight).  To my mind, it's only a short fic and the point is sexual identity issues so I don't think it becomes an Everyone Is Gay problem, but YMMV.

Speak its Name (on AO3)


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