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Title: Wulver sketch
Author: [ profile] defilerwyrm
Fandom: Folklore/mythology
Genre: art

Author's Summary:
Looking up Scottish mythological creatures and
Wulver: a werewolf in Shetland, that is said to have had the body of a man with a wolf’s head. It was reported to have left fish on the windowsills of poor families.
That is the nicest Werewolf legend I’ve ever heard of.

This quick sketch really put a smile on my face so I had to share.

Wulver sketch (on tumblr)
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Title: Wandering Child
Author: [ profile] wanderingchild
Fandom: Avengers/Marvel, Norse mythology
Genre: redeemed!Loki, Trauma/Hurt
Pairing: Loki/Svadilfari, Loki/Angrboda
Length: Epic (227,956 words and counting) [you may not get all the way through though - see warnings]
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Rape, Serious long-term child abuse of multiple characters but especially of Loki - all abuse took place in the past but is so bad it is often absolutely devastating to read about

Author's Summary:
Originally a fill posted at norsekink in response to the prompt:
"After the Avengers capture Loki at the end of the movie, they lock him up as a precaution before shipping him off to Asgard. And being the good guys, they decide to give him the chance to bathe and dress in clean clothes instead of sleeping in his own dirty rags.
The problem is, without the whole battle gear and the drawn and mean look, Loki looks surprisingly young, which prompts the Avengers to ask Thor just how old Loki really is. Of course Loki is centuries old, but Thor tells them that in human standard, Loki would still be considered underage!
Cue to horrified Avengers who wants to know exactly what sort of crappy home life Loki must have had to end up like this before even reaching adulthood."
It rather spiralled from there into a behemoth, now in the process of being edited and hopefully cleaned of glaring plotholes!

Okay seriously, do not start reading any chapters of this fic without reading the warnings. And have tissues, and probably someone you can ask for a hug.  And while I do think you should start reading it, don't be afraid to stop whenever you want.  Because it's really, really devastating at times.  But I also think this fic is an absolutely fantastic redeemed!supervillain story because it gets Loki's complex character so well - he's really, really nasty in complicated ways while still being sympathetic and while you probably won't like him much as a person for awhile that doesn't make you want any less to protect him from the crap he's had to go through. So yes, it's a dark and difficult fic, but a really well-written one.

Also, since I badly needed comfort fic not even halfway through, I'm going to post a caretaking fic as a second rec today.

Wandering Child (on AO3)
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Title: Across the Universes
Author: [ profile] persephone_kore 
Fandom: Marvel Films, Norse Mythology
Pairings: various from each canon
Genre: Crossover, Character Study
Length:  Short

Author's Summary:
None given (Marvel Loki wakes up in Norse mythology while Norse Loki and Sigyn wake up in the Marvel universe.  Note: while this is supposed to be a fill for a Thor/Loki prompt, it does not actually have that pairing.)

A nice comparison between the two Lokis with just enough plot and some nice character development too for such a short piece.

Across the Universes (on LJ)

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Title: Victorious girl-friend
Author: [ profile] fennishjournal aka Shimi
Fandom: Mythology
Pairing: Loki/Sigyn
Genre: Romance, Character Piece, Awesome women
Length:  Short (Words: 3,759)

Author's Summary:
If there ever was a man who could hold her interest, she thinks, it would be him.

From the original sources we know exactly 5 things about Sigyn:
She is a goddess
She is Loki's wife
She gives birth to two sons, one of whom is later turned into a wolf and kills his brother
Her kenning is incantation-fetter
Loki is described as the burden of Sigyn's arm

She is often regarded as the paragon of loyal, nurturing femininity but I can't help but feel that any woman who can love Loki must have more to her than that. This is my attempt at giving Sigyn some backstory and agency.

Loki's become a very popular character in all sorts of myths and stories lately but this does wonderful things with Sigyn's underdeveloped and often ignored character.  (This story can be appreciated with just basic knowledge of Loki's Norse roots and the information the author has provided about Sigyn.)  It's also a story about gender and women's roles in Norse mythology and a bit about Loki's identity as a shape-shifter.  These are already good reasons to read this fic, but there's also the character-building, the romance, and the lyrical quality of the storytelling that make this a great read. 

Victorious girl-friend (on AO3)
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Title: this is not a chick flick
Author: bookesque
Fandom: Mythology
Pairing: Persephone/Hades
Genre: Parody
Length:  Short

This is not a romantic story, despite what the bards may croon about Persephone's delicate beauty and pale bosom or Hades' flashing grey eyes. When a doting wife mistily reminiscences about how her husband swept her off her feet, that statement should not be followed by "and into the very gates of the Underworld itself, where he forced me to languish for nearly a year until my mother threatened to annihilate the whole world into a nuclear winter if I didn't make it home by curfew." Do not bother seeking out the muses for the truth, as they will sing of a tragedy so heartbreaking that it will undoubtedly leave their audience in tears, all composed out of falsehoods and lies. As so often happens, the reality of the lives of Hades and Persephone cannot possibly compare to the epic saga that our imaginations have concocted.

This is not a romantic story. But it is a story of love, nonetheless.

So well-written, interesting, and with complete characters rather than distant and largely unknowable gods of typical mythology, this is a great read but mostly I like how it comments on fiction and our beliefs about it.  So this is a thinking story - and that's why it's tagged as a parody, not because its more funny than an average story and in fact it borders on abrasive at times as all parodies do when they don't quite match up with your own beliefs at every turn.  But this is a good fic in its own right, and also really thoughtful and I like that a lot.

this is not a chick flick (on Yuletide)


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