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Title: Take a Long Line
Author: [ profile] derry667 
Fandom: Supernatural, Numb3rs
Genre: Crossover, Case!fic
Length:  Short

Author's Summary:
None given (Basically, Dean gets arrested by Don and his team during an arson/murder case Dean and Sam are working.  Charlie and Megan realize (for mathematical and psychological reasons respectively) that the Winchesters' FBI files and all the cases attributed to them make no sense.)

I really like the level of detail in description and in characterization in this fic.  The character voices for the Numb3rs cast are just a touch off in places but other than that, this is a great Winchesters vs FBI fic made all the better because the FBI stars and manages to actually come around to more or less believing Sam and Dean.

Take a Long Line (on LJ)


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