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Title: Tea and Sympathy
Author: [ profile] saudades 
Fandom: RENT
Pairing: Joanne/Maureen, past Mark/Maureen
Genre: General, Friendship
Length: Short (Words: 1,861)

Author's Summary:
Tea and talk for two [Mark and Joanne]. Post-RENT.

This fic does a lot of telling rather than showing, it's sort of wall of text after wall of text, there are typos and it's only just hitting its stride when it ends, but I love it.  I like that Joanne forms up as a character in her own right here, rather than just Maureen's plus one which she can seem a little in the musical and movie even though logically that can't be the whole story because they're broken up for half of act 2 and Joanne's still around and involved.  I love the banter between Mark and Joanne here too (in the vein of Tango Maureen) and I think the characterization of both is really good for the movie'verse in particular.
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