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Atm, I'm looking for a particular fic and I'm hoping you Supernatural fans might recognize it.

In it, Gabriel is telling someone, probably Sam, a story about how Gabriel left Heaven and became a trickster.  In this fic, Gabriel is possessing the god Loki rather than just showing up in the Norse pantheon and claiming his name is Loki - Loki is Gabriel's vessel.  The story as Gabriel tells it is that shortly after God left Heaven, Michael went on a purification war and hunted down all sorts of pagan gods, Gabriel was sent after a Trickster, who turned out to be Loki, and who led Gabriel around on a bunch of tricks and showed Gabriel that he was already a Trickster himself and eventually they became friends.  But Michael, or his forces at least, caught up with Loki and injured him badly and on his death bed, he told Gabriel "Yes, brother," knowing it was how he consented to Gabriel taking him as a vessel.  I didn't think much of it at the time so I didn't bookmark it, but it has since become head canon so I'd really like to read it again.