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This journal passed 600 recs today!  :D  Yay!

(Do you think maybe I read too much?)
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Rec List Rec: Ace Admiral's 2012 Asexy Fic list
[ profile] AceAdmiral  has an (old) Asexy Fic rec list with a lot of recs across a lot of fandoms.  The list is a couple of years old now and the quality varies GREATLY, but it's nice to see so many ace fics in one place.  I'd already read quite a few and rec'd some of those here already - and I'll probably rec some more later, but check it out, especially if you read fandoms I don't have tags for because I may or may not get around to those myself.

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TV Tropes Fan Fic Recommendations - slow to add new recs, mostly conventional (bland) fics, seldom hits the must-reads of any given fandom but a few fandoms have quite long lists

Epic Recs (on LJ) - lots of longer fics, always high quality.  Browse by fandom with tags.

Crack Van (on LJ) - (Closed - no new recs) tends towards crack!fic, shorter stories, ship fics.  Browse by fandom with tags.

Fanlore's link list of fic finder communities - any of these communities will have a long backlog of fics that stuck in people's minds so are probably pretty good reads (unless it's memorable for being so bad its good), fanlore's list has several multifandom comms covered plus the fandom-specific groups for dozens of popular fandoms

Fancake (on dw)
- thousands of recs, some themed and some open, generally good quality, hits a lot of the harder to find fics from lj, dw, and authors' pages.  Browse by fandom with tags.

het_reccers (onLJ) - mostly het ship!fics, some gen, rarely has slash as secondary pairings.  Browse by fandom with tags.

Recs comm (on LJ) - generally links with fic summaries only (no comments by the poster), older posts contain multiple fandoms which makes browsing by fandom time-consuming

The Rec Room (on LJ)
- hides recs behind cuts and puts multiple fandoms in each post making browsing by fandom difficult, but it does have a lot of recs if you have the patience to sort through them all

Recs @ Dreamwidth - multifandom, summaries only, not what the rec'er liked about them, often multiple fandoms per post

Slash World @ wordpress - multifandom, slash recs, summaries and reviews, browse by fandom tags

RecsLikeWhoa @ LJ - multfandom, summaries and reviews, browse by fandom and popular themes and pairings


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