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Title: 3 Slytherin Marauders
Author: [ profile] severusphoenix
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: AU, Snape-adopts-Harry, Snape has a family, Good!Tom Riddle (sort of), Families of Choice
Pairing: Snape/Rosmerta, various
Length: Epic (582,712 words)

Author's Summary:
Harry & Dudley flee an abusive Vernon to Severus Snape. Severus finds a new home for himself & the boys with dragons and hunt the Horcruxes from there. The dragons, especially one become their allies. Tom R is VERY different.

I've read this epic several times and love it. It starts off asking you to stretch your suspension of disbelief a bit far for some but stick with it - it gets really good very fast and goes on for more than half-a-million words that seem like just enough (but you still aren't sure you want it to end). Dragons! Smart plots! Great world-building and fantastic characterizations all around, pro-Slytherin, without any sustained bashing (except for Vernon) though some characters do get bashed into character development but it's always well-played. Outstanding fic!

3 Slytherin Marauders (on
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Title: 8 Sensations series
Author: [ profile] merle_p 
Fandom: Sense8
Genre: Friendships & Relationships, Chosen Family 
Length: Medium (WIP)

Author's Summary:
1. It isn’t until Amanita says, out of the blue, over the rim of her chai latte, “Would you mind telling Kala that I really liked the book she recommended?”, that Nomi realizes it’s so much more than that. Her girlfriend is not simply accepting the existence of other people’s voices in her head – she is actually conversing with them.
2.“Jesus,” Will says. He is pacing the room, rubbing a distracted hand across his face. His cheeks are flushed, there is sweat pooling in the back of his neck, and he can’t even blame the Mexican heat for that, since the A/C in the apartment is working just fine. Wolfgang looks up from his phone with a smirk. “They are at it again, aren’t they.” It’s not a question.
3. “I should have blown his fucking brains out,” she tells the wall, but at that point, she thinks she might just be channeling Wolfgang.

This is a beautiful series about the friendships and relationships in the cluster&their families/friends and how they enrich each character's life. I especially love the first in the series, epistolary. Neetya is such a fantastic character (so are Nomi and pretty much all of the cluster, but Neetya above them all, imo).

8 Sensations series (on AO3)
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Title: Air Magic
Author: [ profile] Flamebyrd
Fandom: Leverage (characters), Emelan (fusion, universe but no characters)
Genre: Fusion
Length: Short (2,687 words)

Author's Summary:
Parker moves into Discipline.

I have a special love for Emelan fusions and or Parker, Hardison and Eliot so I jumped on this fic as soon as it was posted. Some really good choices were made to translate the characters into the Emelan world - their magics in particular. The characterization of all the characters is spot on too.

Air Magic (on AO3)
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Title: No Such Data Exists
Author: [ profile] Quipxotic
Fandom: Dark Matter
Genre: Scifi, continuation (follows Season 1)
Length: Medium (12,340 words & counting)

Author's Summary:
What happens after the end of the Season 1 finale? (Beware: LOTS of spoilers!)

I just got into Dark Matter and have been looking or good fics - it's a really small fandom, unfortunately, but I did find this one that I liked. The characterizations are good and it sets out to answer the total loop that the season finale threw us for in the last minutes which is cool. It's WIP and by a rookie writer (but don't cringe yet, it's truly not bad so don't automatically cringe away from that My First Fanfic tag/warning) and they could probably use some encouragement so if you've seen Dark Matter, definitely give this one a try and consider maybe posting a short comment.

No Such Data Exists (on AO3)
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Title: here comes the fighter
Author: [ profile] peppermintcas
Fandom: Sense8
Genre: character study, friendships
Length: Very Short (1,532 words)

Author's Summary:
There’s an itch in Sun’s bones that she can’t scratch.

Sun has a lot to be angry about and few options to cope with that without the support of her cluster. Luckily, they're amazing, and so is she.

here comes the fighter (on AO3)
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Title: May You Never Meet Her
Author: [ profile] ketren / [ profile] ketren
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: AU
Length: Medium/Long (50k words & counting)

Author's Summary:
AU. Gen. When she's too late to step in for her sister at the District 12 reaping, Katniss will stop at nothing to enter the Hunger Games and fight beside Prim, even if it means asking Haymitch for help and sneaking into the reaping of District 3. She'll have to let out a few secrets, make a few allies, and defend her sister to the death – if Prim will even allow the sacrifice.

Just getting started but already so, so good. Author takes a little creative license to make the premise work, but go with it - it's worth it. I'm already especially loving how this revolves around a Sisters!plot instead of a romance. I also like Haymitch's view and I am really enjoying the bigger roles for Beetee and Wiress.  Also, Prim may be the brains, but Katniss is serious BAMF (just wait til you get to Chapter 8!)

May You Never Meet Her (on, May You Never Meet Her (on AO3)

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Title: the small
Author: [ profile] dirgewithoutmusic
Fandom: Tortall
Genre: Minor Character POV
Pairing: Lalasa Isran/Tianine Plowman
Length: Short (7,086 words)

Author's Summary:
Bandits came for Lalasa’s family and burned the whole farm out, except for her, because she had been at the river washing clothes. Lalasa did not miss her father or her brothers for all the long years of her life, which should tell you something about her.
She cried for them anyway, and that should tell you something too.
Retelling of Page and Squire from Lalasa's POV.

Does a great job capturing Lalasa's character which is an interesting one in terms of her own character arc and how it runs parallel to and independently of Kel's.

the small (on AO3)
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Title: One More Time
Author: [ profile] TheWinsomeWasp
Fandom: Queer As Folk
Genre: Time Travel (Redo)
Pairing: primarily Justin/Brian
Length: Very Long (106,080 words and counting)

Author's Summary:
The night of Brian's funeral Justin wakes up in his 17 year old body - what would you do?

I make no secret of my love of redo time travel, but this is fast becoming on of my favorites. I love the reassessment of priorities which is common to redo fics, but I also love the less common themes like the relationship Justin develops with his grandmother, how he pulls his resources (limited at the beginning) to make sure he avoids or at least does better with some of the bad things he knows are coming. And I LOVE the moment that Justin and Brian are reunited - the feels! Also, features artists, making art, and the art business which I love to see in fics.  It's not just all good things though - Justin's relationship with his mother, Michael's mother, and his old friends is lost - which is sad, but more real than if everything went his way.

One More Time (on AO3)

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Title: Pageant of Death
Author: [ profile] Azure_K_Mello
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: AU - Gale takes Peeta's place in the 74th games
Pairing: Gale/Peeta, Katniss&Darius
Length: Long (61,269+ words)

Author's Summary:
Gale goes into the arena to save Peeta, his young man, from going in. Things would have been very different if Katniss and Gale were together: two kids from the Seam who know how to hunt. They play the Games and they play them well but regardless of how well they play, regardless of whether either of them survive, nothing will ever be the same for them or the country.

I stayed up way to late reading this fic straight through (and have reread it several times since) and just loved it. Don't expect a copy of canon with Gale written in over Peeta - it's creative and original and Gale is a much more intelligent and aware character than either Katniss or Peeta so putting him in cahoots with canonically brilliant Haymitch from the start is fantastic and it was just plain fun seeing him manipulating the games with the same kind of cunning as he analyzed the problem of the The Nut in Mockingjay.  I also really like Haymitch's character and the way that Gale, and later Katniss, treat him.  Know though that Katniss and Gale had some serious plot armor and genre savvy throughout - it didn't break the suspension of disbelief, but it's clear that this is a best case scenario for them... Considering how dark some Hunger Games AUs are, this can be a breath of fresh air (I felt that way) or it may not be your cup of tea.

What's written so far is equivalent to the first book of the series and it ends differently enough that I don't know where it's going so I'm really looking forward to seeing where the next story in the series goes.

Edit: I've been given a sneak peak of the next book in exchange for catching the typos and it's at least as awesome as the first!  I can't wait for it to be finished and posted :D

Pageant of Death (on AO3)

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Title: How Rue Became the Mockingjay
Author: [ profile] aimmyarrowshigh
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: AU, friendship and/or chosen family
Pairing: Katniss/Peeta
Length: Short (5,064 words)

Author's Summary:
This is an alternate chronology for The Hunger Games in which the rule about District pairs winning is introduced on the first night of the Games rather than after Rue's death.

Achingly beautiful AU. Rue is so young and she really doesn't understand a lot of what's happening. The story is mostly about what happens in the games when Katniss chooses to shelter Rue so she can grow up knowing it will cost Katniss and Peeta their lives. Though the story is nominally about Rue inspiring the revolution, it's Katniss's choices, her and Peeta's story, that make all the difference. I could nitpick plotty things but it's so beautifully written that even plot holes you could drive a train through wouldn't break my suspension of disbelief. Reread worthy too.

How Rue Became the Mockingjay (on AO3)
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Title: Cause We Belong To the Hurricane
Author: [ profile] deathmallow
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: AU, Chosen Families
Pairing: Haymitch/Johanna
Length: Epic (292,454+ words)

Author's Summary:
The rebellion doesn't belong to one person--it belongs to us all. When disaster strikes in the arena, the rebels are left scrambling to recover, and turn to an unlikely inspiration: Johanna Mason.

One of the best romances I've ever read - two damaged people finding themselves and each other on their own terms after so long being controlled - and all the better in that it's not even really a romance fic.  It's beautifully written and definitely publishable quality (barring the rare typo) - I think this fic is better than Mockingjay, or as good but in different ways maybe.  And while the romance arc is amazing, all those character development  arcs are even better still - Johanna's and Haymitch's of course, but really all the Victors are trying to find their way.  I like the chosen family element between the Victors. The story centers most around Johanna and Haymitch who are both really interesting characters - I particularly like Johanna's voice and Haymitch is a mess, but an incredibly strong one. I was a little disappointed to get to the end of the second book (of canon) and realize how much had been happening without Katniss (and therefore us) knowing - it really killed my enjoyment of the story in exactly the ways that this fic is built around so finding such a wonderful story that looks at that is great. And then it goes further with 'what if Katniss hadn't survived' and gives us plot alongside the character development as everyone struggles to make the revolution successful.

Cause We Belong To the Hurricane (on AO3)

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Title: Home is wherever I'm with you
Author: [ profile] theaeblackthorn
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: AU - pre-canon, kid!Stiles, Alive!Laura, Family Fic/Families of Choice
Pairing: Laura/OMC, Laura/OFC, Derek/Stiles (later)
Length: Long (74,855 words)

Author's Summary:
When Sheriff Stilinski is killed in a liquor store robbery gone wrong, Stiles ends up in a foster home. He lasts about three months before he realises this is seriously not going to work out and he runs away.
Derek and Laura Hale have just lost their whole family in the fire, they've no idea what to do or where to go, or when someone is going to come back and finish the job. Laura decides to get out of Beacon Hills as quickly as she can, she just didn't expect they'd be taking someone extra with them.
Or, the one where four walls do not make a home.
AU where Stiles is an orphan and runs away with Derek and Laura.

This fic is just lovely. It's a great family/pack fic where Laura raises kid!Stiles pre-canon. If you're familiar with Supernatural and the kind of lives that Sam and Dean had growing up, this fic has some common elements there, with the living out of motels, with fake ids and jobs that don't pay enough, and being on the move all the time. Just replace the hunting with fear of being hunted. But it's also lighter/more positive than SPN, with the family being a big source of love and support and strength for its members. I really like this one and hope the author gets around to posting the last chapter so I can see how it wraps up the ending.

Home is wherever I'm with you (on AO3)
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Title: And The Moon Doth Shake
Author: [ profile] MzMinola 
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: AU, Women Being Awesome, Female Friendship
Length: Long (60,530 words)

Author's Summary:
Scott was never bitten. Allison was.

Amazing story - the one change of Allison being the one bitten sends the story spinning off into AU in dozens of small and not so small ways. It changes the pack and the story in delightful ways and Allison really rises to the challenges she faces in this story. Great characters, totally deserves the Women Being Awesome tag and I found it because it was rec'd as Best Female Friendship fic on bestthingever and it also totally deserves that accolade too.

And The Moon Doth Shake (on AO3)
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Title: Hope For The Future
Author: [ profile] Setari
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Next Gen, Time Travel, Romance, Families of Choice
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Chris Argent/Peter Hale, Allison Argent/Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall
Length: Long (48,181 words & counting)

Author's Summary:
Thirty years in the future, a coven of warlocks threatens the safety of the Hale Pack. When the chief warlock decides to travel back to a time when the pack was a broken shadow of what it will be, Ash and his brother and sister follow him into the past in a last-ditch effort to protect their family. However, when they arrive they find that the warlock is going to be the least of their problems. Not only do they have to stop the warlock before he kills anyone and keep themselves from altering the future too much, but there's also the Alpha Pack to contend with.

I'm eagerly anticipating updates to this story. I've read a lot of "OTP's future kids travel back in time and get their parents together" stories and they usually suffer from bad characterization, forced shipping/plot problems, and questionably causality. Not so, this fic. I absolutely adore the characterizations. Stiles is smart and self-assured, Scott is a typical teenager, Peter is just the right balance of creepy and loyal... and the kids are fully-formed and very believable as characters in their own right. I love the slow reveal of their exact relationship with the various pack members and I especially I love that Stiles is the second (after Peter who has super senses and experience to rely on) to figure it out and it's this "oh... oh my god," kind of moment. There's some great feels in this fic too, especially when the kids talk about their pack members in such loving terms - really the whole pack-as-chosen-family theme is strong in this fic, and that's one of my favorites so that's one more reason I love this fic. Depending on how the rest of the story goes, I might upgrade this fic's score tag, that's how much I like it :)

Hope For The Future (on AO3)

Also, I made this fic a cover:

Cover (on AO3)

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Title: Amelia Pond Has Two Immortal Daddies
Author: [ profile] sahiya
Fandom: Doctor Who, Torchwood
Genre: Chosen Family, Romance, Multiverse
Pairing: Eleven/Jack
Length: Medium (13,905 words)

Author's Summary:
Of second chances, TARDIS repairs, and cupboards full of never-ending art supplies.

A short but delightfully fluffy fic/series where child!Amelia travels with the Doctor who reunites with Jack and they raise Amelia together. I'm usually pretty attached to the asexual!Doctor idea but I can make this exception, especially since the focus is on fluff and not smut. There's a lot of talk about multiverses so sometimes the story strays to what happened elsewhere/elsewhen but it's handled pretty well.

Amelia Pond Has Two Immortal Daddies (on AO3)
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Title: Love Is For Children series
Author:[ profile] Ysabetwordsmith
Fandom: Avengers/Marvel 'verse
Genre: Chosen Family, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Teambuilding
Length: Epic (248,973+ words)

Author's Summary:
In The Avengers, Natasha Romanova says "Love is for children." It's an expression of life as she knows it, and fits the harsh background most of the Avengers have experienced. Trouble is, people don't do very well without love. In particular it's impossible to form a good team if the members don't care about each other.

So Phil Coulson comes up with a teambuilding exercise to resolve that problem. If love is for children ... then he'll arrange that experience for them. The result is an exploration of nonsexual ageplay to allow a group of very powerful, very broken people to patch up some of the gaps in their lives.

Most of the stories are very sweet in tone and make for good comfort reading. However, canon gives these characters some very unpleasant pasts, and that comes up as they process the aftermath. So the tone does vary, and some stories are more intense than others. They deal with different characters, relationships, and sensitive issues.

So I said when I rec'd the first story in the series that I would get around to reviewing the series as a whole later and now that I've read on I have to say I am absolutely in love with this series. Part of that is that I'm into caretaking and competence (including emotional competence) in a big way, both of which are major themes in this series but even if you don't share those interests, there are lots of awesome things about this series. I love that it has a strong asexual character in Clint and aromantic character in Natasha. I love the Comfort-fic aspect as so many characters get help dealing with their abusive childhoods - this fic will leave you full of warm fuzzy feelings :), that's for sure. I love that is focuses on the hard work of teambuilding and becoming a Chosen Family. I also adore all the links to further information that the author took the time to include at the end of each chapter - it really shows that she did her research and it gives the reader a place to start looking for more information on a lot of interesting subjects. So basically, this is another very long story, but totally worth the time.

Love Is For Children (on AO3), (on DW)
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Title: Love Is For Children
Author: [ profile] Ysabetwordsmith
Fandom: Marvel
Genre: Comfort-fic
Length: Medium (16,517 words)

Author's Summary:
Phil Coulson is SHIELD's best handler for a reason: he can deal with the broken people that nobody else can manage but desperately need anyway. So he comes up with an unusual teambuilding technique to shore up the Avengers.

This is a caretaking fic and features non-sexual age play so while it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea I personally found it a good comfort-fic which I badly needed to help balance out a little of the trauma of the other rec for today.  This fic is also part of a series which is probably also very good, but I haven't read it yet (I might rec it as a whole later when I get around to finishing it).

Love Is For Children (on AO3)
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Title: The Strength of the Wolf
Author: [ profile] tolieawake
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Genre: Time Travel - Redo type, Pack/Chosen Family Relationships
Length: Medium (22,406 words and counting)

Author's Summary:
In the end, it's only Lydia and Stiles left. Alone and desperate, oh so desperate. Desperate times and desperate measures and all that, but emphasis on the times.

With nothing else left to lose, they find a way to change it all. And Stiles may just figure out the key to stopping everything that ever went wrong - well, from Peter onwards.

Because he's older and wiser (sort-of) and beginning to understand in a way that he never did before.

After all, the strength of the wolf is the pack, right?

While I tend to be a sucker for redo time travel fics in general, I especially like this one because of the focus on family relationships and what Stiles tries to do for the people he cares about - especially Peter, who may not be Stiles favorite person, but certainly needs help the most at that point.

The Strength of the Wolf (on AO3)

Now with cover art:

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Title: Cerberus
Author: [ profile] Crunchysunrises
Fandom: Harry Potter, Criminal Minds
Genre: Crossover, Chosen Family, Muggle POV on Magic
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Haley Hotchner, Hermione Granger/Harry Potter, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, Sean Hotchner/Sirius Black
Length:Medium (22,837 words)

Author's Summary:
When Hermione Granger's parents are murdered custody goes to her mother's sister, one Haley Hotchner.

I love this fic!  The characterizations are awesome.  I love Hermione-dealing-with-trauma and Harry-coping-post-war, and especially both of them as quietly competent secret war heroes.  I also really like Hotch's point of view on Harry, Hermione, and magic and the insights he has on them from a profiler's perspective.  These two fandoms have very little in common and no compelling reason they should work as a crossover but this fic is perfect.  Sometimes in crossovers with young Harry in them, you get a crossover character who swoops in and knows just what to do to make it all better and it just flops as a story because of it, but that's not what this is.  Hotch and Hermione are really pretty equal as characters, both are really muddling through and the strong character arcs that result really make for a great story.

Cerberus (AO3)

Cover art:

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Title: Dear
Author: [ profile] KiaraSayre
Fandom: Emelan
Genre: General, Chosen Family
Length: Short (1,600 Words)

Author's Summary:
A selection of letters to and from Trisana Chandler during her four years at Lightsbridge.

Good characterizations and shows off the strong bonds between Sandry, Daja, Briar, and Tris.

Dear (on AO3)


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