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Title: Uncalculated Risks
Author: [ profile] jennycaakes
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: AU
Pairing: Gale/Madge
Length: Very Long (158,059 words)

Author's Summary:
In a twist of fate, Gale Hawthorne and Madge Undersee are chosen from the Reaping bowl of the 74th Annual Hunger Games instead. How will they fight? How will they love? There's more than just a rebellion flaming up around them. How will they get out? All Gale wants to do is wake up from this nightmare, but will it be any better when he can see clearly?

Great read.  I really liked how Gale and Madge had their unique views of what was happening to them and that those views were fundamentally different from Katniss'.  In this AU, some things change, and some stay the same. I wasn't totally happy with the balance of that - I did enjoy the story - I just wish it had been a tiny bit less canon as far as the games go - not that it went exactly the same at all, but, well anyways your mileage may vary. I found the relationship development very believable and the characters were well-written too. There's some parts after the games that I want to praise - especially Katniss' character, but I can't without spoiling some good stuff. It's making it really hard to explain what I liked about this one. I might just have to leave it that I really recommend it.

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