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Title: What The Mayflies Leave Behind
Author: [ profile] MayFairy
Fandom: Doctor Who
Genre: Friendship, Character Study (Jack)
Length: Short (3,826 words)

Author's Summary:
The first time she meets the promised Captain Jack Harkness, he's so unaware of his own curse she can barely look at him. The second time, he knows all too well, but is not yet ready. The third time, he stretches out his hand and she takes it.

Ashildr meets Jack (no prior knowledge of the 12th Doctor series or characters needed, including Ashildr - you could substitute any older human-turned-immortal and the story would still work).  It's a character study for how Jack changes through the series. I really liked the contrast between the two immortals and the sense that their journeys to accepting their new natures has been different and even though Ashildr, whose POV the story is from, seems to think that her view is inevitable and Jack will/does get there eventually, I don't read Jack by the end in the same way as Ashildr reads though there is clear character development that sort of runs parallel - that balance makes for a really interesting dual character study.

What the Mayflies Leave Behind (on AO3)
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