Oct. 24th, 2015

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Title: Claws and Teeth and Tulle
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] lorata
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: Original Character, Outsider POV, pre-canon , mentorship/friendship
Length: Short (3,714 words)

Author's Summary: Petra killed ten children on live television; she made love to a beautiful, deadly girl while the bodies cooled around her, sucked another boy's blood off the girl’s mace-callused fingers and angled herself for the cameras, but no, now she’s the little girl who walks with a limp and inspires pity in everyone she meets.
Nobody gets to choose their image, not even Careers. After a final showdown injury that overwrites the rest of Petra's brutal, bloody Games, the girl with District 2's highest kill count has to play the broken doll for an over-sympathetic Capitol audience. At least her mentor knows the truth, and Brutus makes sure his girl doesn't forget it.

This is a great example of a fanfic whose story forms a dialogue with its canon. This OC character piece is a great exploration of the treatment of Victors and other ways than canon's drugs and sex that the Capitol uses to break them, even, or perhaps especially, the Careers who are brought up from a young age to think of themselves as the strongest and most vicious.

Claws and Teeth and Tulle (on AO3)
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Title: Lady Captain America
Author: [deviantart.com profile] MischievousMartian
Fandom: Avengers
Genre: Fanart, Digital Art, genderswap, Female Superheros

Absolutely amazing Lady Cap - she has muscles! She got dirty, her hair got mussed, and you just know from her expression that she's in command and she's good at it!

Lady Captain America (on dA)
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Title: J'attendrai (I will wait)
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Quasar
Fandom: Rivers of London
Genre: Time Travel, Time Travel Romance
Pairing: Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale
Length: Long (60,148 words)

Author's Summary:
Probationary Constable Peter Grant met me for the first time when I walked up to him by the portico of the Actors' Church on a freezing winter night and said, "Hello. What are you up to?" However, I first met Detective Sergeant Peter Grant when he jogged up to my doorstep on a mild autumn afternoon and said, "There you are, sir. It is you, isn't it?"

A story about one of the worst possible complications of a Time Travel romance.  Can tragedy be averted without destroying time? This isn't a fix it, but there are some fairly large problems that you spend the best part of the story begging the author to work a miracles and have it all turn out in the end.  This story is really well written and tightly plotted, with great suspense of some creative surprises. I like the level of character development and backstory for some of canon's minor characters. I also love several things I can't tell you about without spoiling, but suffice to say it's a very well written Time Travel story.

J'attendrai (on AO3)


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