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Title: Choosing
Author: [ profile] dreamfall
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: Pre-canon, all/mostly OCs
Pairing: various OCs
Length: Long (44,357 words)

Author's Summary:
In the 25th Hunger Games, to remind the Districts that they had brought the Games on themselves through their choice to rebel, each district was forced to choose its own tributes, rather than have them chosen by a public lottery. These tributes had to face not only the Capitol and, ultimately, the arena from which only one would emerge, but also the fact that their people, their friends and families, had chosen them specifically for the task.

An original story in the haunting dystopia of the Hunger Games 'verse. The original characters are mostly well-written (there is one whose mental illness is, imo, too magical for the 'verse, but it serves a purpose in the story that I'm not sure could have been done any better so it's justifiable). I really like how the premise is laid out and how devastating the voting is shown to be, how the rebel legacy is handled just 25 years into the games, and how the games themselves play out believably within the canon 'verse.

Choosing (on AO3)