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Title: To Where the Mockingjay Flies
Author: [ profile] Chaed
Fandom: Hunger Games
Genre: AU - canon divergence, Minor characters as heroes
Length: Medium (36,089 words & counting)

Author's Summary:

Mockingjay AU. The one where Coin won't risk it, Katniss crumbles under the weight of a revolution and Peeta has to find his own way out of Snow's clutches. A slow-burn Everlark set in pandemonic Panem, for Johanna supporters and Odesta enthusiasts.
Also, the one where Finnick lives.

For everyone who always wanted to see Annie as the heroine, Peeta as more than a part in a love triangle, and Johanna not as a discardable sidekick, but as a key character in the revolution. And for Katiac, who helped me shape this plotbunny into a full-fledged AU.

WOW! I am seriously hooked on this WIP. I generally love 'minor characters as heroes' stories and this is still one of the best I've read. The plot is good, the characters are great, and it's such a page turner - I check so often for updates.  (Score might go up as story continues)

To Where The Mockingjay Flies (on AO3)