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Title: Real Princesses
Author: [ profile] Morbane 
andom: Fairy Tales
Pairings: Various canon Prince/Princess pairings
Genre: Friendship, Relationships, Meta
Length:  Short (Words: 1,820)

Author's Summary:
In which the princesses, post-fairy-tale, mix and mingle and sort out their lives. Slight hating on Rapunzel (who is actually a favourite fairy tale character, but in this version she's a little bit of a mess).

This fic deconstructs the fairy tale princess genre, taking it to task for what it puts princesses through and the kinds of virtues we require of our princesses despite them.  I especially love the part about stories being the only way that the princesses have to relate to people.  I also like the part about Cinderella coaching her prince on how she wants her story to be told.  These are great as deconstructions and the meta aspect - a story about stories and what they do to people - also appeals to the anthropologist in me since I've been working on the roles of stories lately.

Real Princesses (on AO3)

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Title:  Towards the Setting Sun
[ profile] aleaiactaest93 
Fandom: Mulan
Genre: Post-canon, Adventure, Romance
Pairing: Shang/Mulan
Length:  Long (Words: 89,379)

Author's Summary:
Five months after the Hun invasion Shang appears at the Fa Family home. He is to head an army going west, and has an important message for Mulan. What will happen? A tale of hardship and the love that blooms in the midst of battle.

Great adventure fic, good slow-build romance fic.  Could use more culture and a little more of that Disney fantasy, but that's just my opinion.  Otherwise a very well-written fic.

Towards the Setting Sun (on
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Title:  The Theory and Practice of Fairy-Godmothering, Discussed in an Appropriate Environment, Namely, Over Tea
[ profile] elstaplador 
Fandom: Fairy Tales
Genre: General
Length:  Short (Words: 1,970)

Author's Summary:
Three fairy godmothers at tea, discussing sexism, stepmothers, and princesses they have known.

A little bit meta and a little bit critique, but still fic too.  This is an interesting read.  I like the concept and would have happily read something more, especially about the modern princess fashion.

The Theory and Practice of Fairy-Godmothering, Discussed in an Appropriate Environment, Namely, Over Tea (on AO3)


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