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Title: Brain Waves
Author: jaegermighty
Fandom: iZombie
Genre: 5+1, friendship, Urban Fantasy/zombie problems
Pairing: Liv/Lowell
Length: Short (3,691 words)

Author's Summary:
Zombie problems, man.

This is a new fandom - the first series of the show hasn't even ended yet, but it's already got some enthusiastic fans and some nice fanworks. In the show, zombies get flashes of the memories and personalities of each person whose brain they ate. The main character, Liv, who works as a police Medical Examiner alongside her friend and ally Ravi, uses these flashes to solve crime (while pretending to be a psychic). Liv and Lowell are both zombies and sort of friends-with benefits and/or dating. This fic is about Liv and Lowell bonding as friends over some of the crazy brain-eating-induced visions and personality problems.

Brain Waves (on AO3)


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