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Title:  The Cursed Boat
Author: [ profile] The_Wilky_Bar_Kid 
Fandom:  Sea Patrol
Genre:  Continuation, Supernatural, Mystery
Length: Medium (Words: 77,183)

Author's Summary:
Kate temporarily takes command of her own boat while Hammersley is in dock for repairs and has taken Buffer, Spider and Charge with her. But what dark secret is contained in a mysterious letter left in the CO's quarters? Is the boat haunted?

I loved Sea Patrol and was sad when it ended so I have a soft spot for continuation fics.  This one doesn't have the finesse of the truly well-written fic, but it's good nonetheless.  It has an element of the supernatural that isn't typical of canon, but it works and its interesting.  The characterization and conformity to the canon world (particularly the military protocols) is pretty good too.

The Cursed Boat (on


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