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Title: 8 Sensations series
Author: [ profile] merle_p 
Fandom: Sense8
Genre: Friendships & Relationships, Chosen Family 
Length: Medium (WIP)

Author's Summary:
1. It isn’t until Amanita says, out of the blue, over the rim of her chai latte, “Would you mind telling Kala that I really liked the book she recommended?”, that Nomi realizes it’s so much more than that. Her girlfriend is not simply accepting the existence of other people’s voices in her head – she is actually conversing with them.
2.“Jesus,” Will says. He is pacing the room, rubbing a distracted hand across his face. His cheeks are flushed, there is sweat pooling in the back of his neck, and he can’t even blame the Mexican heat for that, since the A/C in the apartment is working just fine. Wolfgang looks up from his phone with a smirk. “They are at it again, aren’t they.” It’s not a question.
3. “I should have blown his fucking brains out,” she tells the wall, but at that point, she thinks she might just be channeling Wolfgang.

This is a beautiful series about the friendships and relationships in the cluster&their families/friends and how they enrich each character's life. I especially love the first in the series, epistolary. Neetya is such a fantastic character (so are Nomi and pretty much all of the cluster, but Neetya above them all, imo).

8 Sensations series (on AO3)
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Title: Sense8 Character art
Author: [ profile] notti963
Fandom: Sense8
Genre: Digital Drawing/Painting, GIF

Review: Great character headshots.

Sense8 Character art (on tumblr)
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Title: here comes the fighter
Author: [ profile] peppermintcas
Fandom: Sense8
Genre: character study, friendships
Length: Very Short (1,532 words)

Author's Summary:
There’s an itch in Sun’s bones that she can’t scratch.

Sun has a lot to be angry about and few options to cope with that without the support of her cluster. Luckily, they're amazing, and so is she.

here comes the fighter (on AO3)


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