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Title: Weird Tales!
Author: [ profile] killer_quean 
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairing: Myka Bering/Helena "H. G." Wells, Claudia Donovan/Original Character
Genre: Case!fic
Length: Short (Words: 7,812)

Author's Summary:
Anyway, she had to neutralize the Kirk/Spock zine before everyone started bodyswapping and turning into high school students and being seduced by their counterparts from the mirror universe. She was pretty sure that even at UltraMegaCon, that would get pretty weird.

The Warehouse team. Undercover. At a scf-fi con.

Geeky and awesome!  The character voices are good, the case is very cool, and it's set in fandom.  It has that SyFy quirkiness to it too so its a lot like canon, but with even more geek.

Weird Tales! (on AO3)
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Title: Artificer & 'Phile
Author: [ profile] anamatics 
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Pairings: Myka Bering/Helena "H.G." Wells
Genre: Romance, AU
Length: Long (Words: 62,741)

Author's Summary:
Myka is not currently a secret service agent. She has the credentials but after Denver she needed to get away from the bad memories. So at 29, she takes a leave of absence and is presently an associate professor at Hudson University, a totally made up college in NYC. She studies and teaches 19th century literature and teaches one class every semester on early science fiction and fantasy. It is her most popular class. Circumstances and a few twists of fate lead her back to the Warehouse, because some things are set in stone.

This story stands out in my memory in part because of how fascinating H.G.'s voice and manner are in this.  It really captures her character - how out of place she is due to the time travel, being involved with the Warehouses, and just generally being so clever, and really playing up the sort-of-villain that she is at this point in her story arc.  I find this fic interesting from a writer's craft perspective too because I actually have to remind myself to slow down and hear the actress's elegant, casual manner of speaking sometimes because usually the only people who are written so differently than others in the story are the camp villains but that's not how this is at all and I think it's really cool how that characterization has been worked  into this story.  Plus, again, this story has a lot of great literature references to go along with the history references that pepper canon.

Artificer & 'Phile (on AO3)
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Title: and on the heels of hope came creeping fear
Author: Ursula aka [ profile] lovesthesoundof 
Warehouse 13
Pairings: Helena G Wells/Myka Bering
Genre: Romance
Length: Short (Words: 4703)

Author's Summary:
4x01 "A New Hope" episode tag. Spoilers abound. Rated T for language and mild sexuality. Deals with suicidal thoughts.

A nice femslash ship fic with cool literary references (which is possibly the best thing about a fandom with HG Wells as one of the characters and a devoted bibliophile as another).  The writing style is dense in this one, especially since even the majority of the dialogue is described rather than shown and none of it is formatted as dialogue but that's part of the reason this works as the dark doomed-love kind of way that it does - it's a story that's caught in Myka's head and refuses to step out and I think that's a really interesting way to depict the character's depression (it gets somewhat more conventionally formatted when the character is happy again).

and on the heels of hope came creeping fear (on AO3)


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