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Title: No Such Data Exists
Author: [ profile] Quipxotic
Fandom: Dark Matter
Genre: Scifi, continuation (follows Season 1)
Length: Medium (12,340 words & counting)

Author's Summary:
What happens after the end of the Season 1 finale? (Beware: LOTS of spoilers!)

I just got into Dark Matter and have been looking or good fics - it's a really small fandom, unfortunately, but I did find this one that I liked. The characterizations are good and it sets out to answer the total loop that the season finale threw us for in the last minutes which is cool. It's WIP and by a rookie writer (but don't cringe yet, it's truly not bad so don't automatically cringe away from that My First Fanfic tag/warning) and they could probably use some encouragement so if you've seen Dark Matter, definitely give this one a try and consider maybe posting a short comment.

No Such Data Exists (on AO3)
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