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Title: Arrangements-verse
Author:[ profile] icarus_chained
Fandom: Supernatural, Good Omens
Pairings: Aziraphale/Crowley, Dean/Castiel and Sam/Gabriel
Genre: General
Length: Medium (Words: 85,735)

Author's Summary:
Team Free Will meets everyone's favourite angel and demon, and it all spirals from there.

Knowledge of Good Omens is not necessary.  This is a great story, even for a crossover with a fandom I know little about.  I like the treatment of faith, the Fallen, and Grace in this story as an alternative to Supernatural canon.  This fic is much more hopeful and positive, giving the good guys better powers because they're good.  I do like the canon way of keeping everything uncertain and dark, but this is a nice alternative that works really well for this fic.

Arrangements-verse (on lj)