Dec. 25th, 2015

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Title: An Unexpected Evening
Fandom: NYPL '67 Reference Cards
Genre: ?
Pairing: Uncertain Female Caller/Fellow Who's Worth Twenty Seven Million Dollars
Length: Short (1,931 words)

Author's Summary:
New Year's Eve 1966 - a mystery man and a fancy party - what more could a girl ask for?

I love the New York Public Library's find of old Reference questions. This fic is the imagined backstory to one of the more intriguing cards:
Phone message left mid-afternoon by a "somewhat uncertain female voice" on New Year's Day 1967: "I have two questions. The first is sort of an etiquette one. I went to a New Year's Eve party and unexpectedly stayed over. I don't really know the hosts. Ought I to send a thank-you note? Second, when you meet a fellow and you know he's worth twenty-seven million dollars because that's what the told me, twenty-seven million, and you know his nationality, how do you find out his name?"

The author reveal won't be for a bit yet, but this fic is lovely so I had to rec it right away.

An Unexpected Evening (on AO3)


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